Aquí están nuestras nuevas adquisiciones. Perdonad la calidad de las imágenes, pero no tuvimos oportunidad de hacer unas mejores. Todo, excepto los pantalones de flores, es de Primark. Hemos arrasado. Os gustan? 
Que tengáis un buen fin de semana!

These are our new purchases. Sorry about the quality of the pictures, but we took them very quickly and had no chance to take better ones.  Everything, but the flower pants, is from Primark. We went on a spree! Do you like them?
Have a nice weekend!

Muppets T-shirt and sweatshirt 
Beatles T-shirt (from men department)

Two lovely shirts

Ramones sweatshirt (also from men department)


Another shirt and H&M flower pants

Trainers and ballerinas

Bag and clutch

1 comentario:

  1. i love the necklace n the the handbag...
    good choice :)



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